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Healing & Support

Documents and forms for the celebration of Marriage in the Diocese of Wollongong

ACBC FAQ Divorce in the Catholic Church ACBC FAQ Marriage in the Catholic Church Application for Freedom to Marry Lack of Canonical Form Application for Freedom to Marry Lack of Orthodox Form...

Encounters in faith

Click here for the special ways God offers healing and support in the Church (our sacramental life).
While God is present in our hearts, in our world, in all cultures and religions, and in the life of our Church, Catholics believe there are a number of special ways of experiencing God. These are...

Jesus Offers

Jesus healed many people in his life and spent time with those feeling marginalised - lepers, prostitutes, rich tax collectors, poor widows. He offers love and healing to each of us.
Woman, who is left to condemn you? No one, sir. Neither do I condemn you. Go away and sin no more. (John 8:11)How often do we see religion used to justify war, or used to discriminate and put...

Questions and Answers about Annulments, Nullity and Divorce

Fourty-one questions and answers about nullity, divorce, marriage and the annulment process.

{slide=1. What is a declaration of nullity?} A declaration of nullity (sometimes referred to as an “annulment”) is a statement by the Catholic Church that at the time two people exchanged...

Time to Pray

Click here to spend some time in prayer with God. 
Ask God for healing and support.

In times of distress and need we often call out for help. God always hears our prayers and no need is too small or great. Jesus referred to God as "Abba" which means "Dad." He asked us to do the...

What we believe

The people of God, the Church, continues Jesus' mission of healing and support today. We believe each person is precious, unique and worthy of love and respect. Click here for a reflection on what we believe about the need for healing and support in our world.

Reflecting on Healing and Support Opening our hearts in welcome and hospitality to others is not easy. We may begin like a mustard seed, wanting to nestle in the dark soil away from others....
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