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The use of Faith Circles has been growing rapidly over the past twelve months. Whether through participating in Alpha, Lent or Advent groups, people have realised the joy and fruitfulness of journeying in faith with people they have come to know, love and trust.  All the evidence shows that living and growing in our faith is best done as part of a small group – turning rows into circles!

Transforming Faith Circles into Faith Circles - 'Connect'

 As use of Alpha continues to grow in our Diocese we are transforming Faith Circles into a post-Alpha Connect Group resource. Whilst retaining key components of the original resource, the new Faith Circles – ‘Connect’ will become the ideal post-Alpha resource for continuing to build and develop strong community and faith relationships with God and one another.

What has changed?
A greater focus on group members sharing their personal faith story and relationship with Jesus. Evidence has shown that the more we are able to share the story of our relationship with God the stronger and deeper our relationship with him becomes. We draw encouragement from hearing ourselves naming God’s presence in our lives and hearing how God has been present and active in the lives of others. We have therefore taken out the reflection by Pope Francis and replaced it with an opportunity for a group member to prepare a short, 5-7min, sharing on how the Gospel reading connects with their life and relationship with Jesus.

What hasn’t changed? 
We will continue to base the resource on the weekly Sunday gospel reading and include points for discussion and prayer. For those who haven’t done Alpha and are continuing to gather as a Faith Circles group you can access Pope Francis’ reflections by going to: http://dow.sh/pope_angelus or simply search the Vatican website for his Angelus / Regina Coeli reflections.

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How to start?

As a post-Alpha initiative, Connect Groups are easy to begin – just keep meeting fortnightly with your fellow Alpha participants. You gather for some food, discussion and prayer.  Faith Circles – ‘Connect’ gives you the format and reflection questions to assist in these fortnightly gatherings.

For those who have not participated in Alpha yet, starting a small faith sharing group using Faith Circles – ‘Connect’ remains easy. Just get two or more people keen to share faith and life and pick a time and a place to regularly meet. Sign up for our emails and we will send it to you, for free! You can then print the handout or maybe just read it straight off a smart-phone or tablet!

Click here to download our free resource 'How to Start & Run a Faith Sharing Group'

What are Connect Groups all about?

Connect Groups are where those who have completed Alpha go to connect and to grow. Connect groups are for building and nurturing relationships – with Jesus and one another. They are small to mid-size groups that retain the key ingredients of Alpha, especially sharing food, praise and worship and small group sharing.

At each Connect Group gathering a member of the group shares how a scripture reading connects with their life and relationship with Jesus. Time is then given for small group sharing followed by prayer with and for one another. Through Connect Groups the parish ensures that all parishioners are known individually, loved, nurtured and cared for. These groups enable:

  • A sense of belonging and sharing of life through the lens of faith
  • Group and personal prayerfulness and relationship with the risen Lord

Three's a crowd

We've all heard the saying three's a crowd. When Catholics come together in faith there is always an additional presence, as the Lord is true to his promise that, "For where two or three meet in my name, I shall be there with them." (Matthew 18:20) For this reason we are encouraging people to form Faith Circles in their church community. 

Accessing the resource

Faith Circles - Connect is a single-sided A4 sheet, based on the Sunday Gospel with reflection questions and prayer points.

It will be available to download via email subscription (see above to subscribe). Faith Circles - Connect is free, no strings attached, we just want Catholics to be nurtured by doing life and faith in groups, not on your own~ You can print as many copies as you like.

Download Faith Circles


Introduction to Faith Cirlces

Introduction to Faith Circles - Connect


April 2018

2nd Sunday of Easter (Yr B)
3rd Sunday of Easter (Yr B)
4th Sunday of Easter (Yr B)
5th Sunday of Easter (Yr B)


March 2018

3rd Sunday of Lent (Yr B)
4th Sunday of Lent (Yr B)
5th Sunday of Lent (Yr B)
Palm Sunday (Yr B)


February 2018

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr B) - Healing and Guiding our Lives
6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr B) - Encounters that Transform
1st Sunday of Lent (Yr B) - Going Deeper
2nd Sunday of Lent (Yr B) - Experiencing New Insight


December 2017

1st Sunday of Advent (Yr B) - Stay Awake
2nd Sunday of Advent (Yr B) - Preparation through
3rd Sunday of Advent (Yr B) - Filled with Joy
4th Sunday of Advent (Yr B) - Our Response to Jesus
Feast of the Holy Family (Yr B) - Jesus, Heart of the Family


November 2017

31st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Integrity in Word & Action
32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Being Prepared
33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Sharing our Gifts
Christ the King (Yr A) - Judged on Love & Service


October 2017

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Parable of the two sons
27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Parable of the wicked
28th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Parable of the wedding feast
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - On tribute to Caesar
30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - The greatest
commandment of all


September 2017

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - First prophecy of the Passion
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Brotherly correction
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Forgiveness of injuries
25th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - The vineyard labourers


August 2017

Transfiguration of the Lord (Yr A) - Glory through Suffering
19th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Keeping our Eye on Jesus
20th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Persistence in Faith
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Identity


July 2017

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Giving Fully our Whole Self
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Come to Jesus
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - The Soil of our Heart
16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - The Problem of Good & Evil
17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - The Treasure of our Lives


June 2017

Feast of Pentecost (Yr A) - Giving of the Holy Spirit
Feast of the Most Holy Trinity (Yr A) - Our Triune God
Feast of the Most Holy Body & Bloody of Christ (Yr A) - Receiving Jesus
12th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Yr A) - Do not be Afraid


May 2017

4th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Good Shepherds
5th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Jesus, the Way to the Father
6th Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Promise of the Holy Spirit
Ascension Sunday (Yr A) - Go Make Disciples


April 2017

5th Sunday of Lent (Yr A) - Freed, Even from Death
Palm Sunday (Yr A) - A Humble King
Easter Sunday (Yr A) - Joy in the Risen Lord
2nd Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Experiencing the Risen Lord
3rd Sunday of Easter (Yr A) - Seeing the Risen Jesus


March 2017

1st Sunday of Lent (Yr A) - Into Temptation
2nd Sunday of Lent (Yr A) - Being Transformed
3rd Sunday of Lent (Yr A) - Thirsting for the Water of Life
4th Sunday of Lent (Yr A) - Yearning to See


February 2017

5th Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - A Light for the World
6th Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - The Virtuous Life
7th Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - Love Your Enemies
8th Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - Trust in God


January 2017

2nd Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - Baptism of the Lord
3rd Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - Light of Faith
4th Sunday Ord Time (Yr A) - Be-attitudes


Year of Mercy

WEEK 1 - Why have a Jubilee Year of Mercy?
WEEK 2 - The signs of the Jubilee
WEEK 3 - God was a Child
WEEK 4 - The Mercy of God
WEEK 5 - God hears our cry and makes a covenant
WEEK 6 - Mercy and justice
WEEK 7 - The Jubilee in the Bible: Justice and sharing
WEEK 8 - Mercy and power
WEEK 9 - Mercy and Correction
WEEK 10 - Mercy and Service
WEEK 11 - Mercy and Consolation
WEEK 12 - The Easter Triduum During the Jubilee of Mercy
WEEK 13 - Mercy Blots Out Sin at the Root
WEEK 14 - The Gospel of Mercy
WEEK 15 - Mercy and Almsgiving
WEEK 16 - I Desire Mercy, and Not Sacrifice
WEEK 17 - The tears of the sinful woman who is forgiven
WEEK 18 - Go and do likewise
WEEK 19 - Mercy and reconciliation
WEEK 20 - The little lost sheep
WEEK 21 - The Merciful Father
WEEK 22 - Mercy like Piety
WEEK 23 - Poverty and Mercy
WEEK 24 - Prayer as a Source of Mercy
WEEK 25 - Humble Prayer Obtains Mercy
WEEK 26 - The First Sign of Mercy: Cana
WEEK 27 - Mercy is Light
WEEK 28 - Mercy and Conversion
WEEK 29 - Mercy Purifies the Heart
WEEK 30 - Works of Mercy
WEEK 31 - Compassion for a Mother
WEEK 32 - Mercy as the Instrument
of Communion
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